Upcoming Events

5/19: SummaXChi 2019 Kickoff | Persona Lounge | 5pm - 9pm

It's a day party & a whole networking event LOWKEY!

Enjoy authentic Chicago food & Good vibes right in South Loop Chicago. It’s a whole networking event LOWKEY!

With pizza puffs, Italian beefs & mild sauce n shit. Aw yea, we got frooties & hot crunchy curls too!!

Pull up!

Tickets & Tables available for purchase online only.

SummaxChi Finale TOUR!

Our monthly networking event with authentic Chicago-style food & music is coming to a city near you!


9/1 – Atlanta

9/7 – Houston

9/22 – Chicago

9/28 – Los Angeles

8/25: SummaXChi Meets LA | 5pm-9pm | Brunson Bar

The 5th installment of the monthly series of authentic Chicago-style food in L.A.

Menu: Deep dish pizza, fried chicken, mild sauce, fries, Italian beefs, pizza puffs, frooties, Garrett’s, + more

Cash bar onsite.

Pay at the door:


$25/entry + food